Love Incorruptible: A Woman’s Reflective Journey to Freedom

Love Incorruptible: A Woman’s Reflective Journey to Freedom

As you’ve been following my blog (if you’re a new reader, welcome!), you have noticed that it has been a lot of relationship talk lately. But not just about my relationship with someone else. The relationship with myself. As I grow older, I realize just how important it is to nurture the relationship you have with you. I am truly grateful to be going through my divorce because it has opened wounds that I didn’t realize were still there. And being on this transformation really couldn’t have happened at a better time because now I’m discovering a love incorruptible and reflective journey to my freedom. 

At every turn there’s new useful tools and information given by others and their relatable experiences that help me along the way. I’m always excited to share with you that knowledge in hopes of inspiring and guiding you along with your style because it really all ties together (hence, growing through style). 


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This conversation brings me right to the subject of this blog post. A good sister-friend of mine, Jazmin Steele from my childhood in San Diego just recently launched her very first published book titled “Love Incorruptible: A Woman’s Reflective Journey to Freedom”. The book’s character Brooklen will take you on a relationship excursion of which she possess with others and herself. Brooklen takes us down memory lane of how her traumatic childhood experiences (like so many of us) shape all the relationship choices she makes. As Brooklen goes through her very own cycle of self-discovery to freedom, she inspires other women to do the same. 

If you want to uncover a more in depth look into the book, then listen in on my interview and discussion with the author herself, Ms. Jazmin Steele. We get real on the conversation of love and relationships. You can also read about the making of Love Incorruptible and a little bg about the author.

In depth audio interview as we delve into the inside of the book with Jazmin Steele, Author of “Love Incorruptible”:

Question and Answer Interview about the making of Love Incorruptible:

How would you sum up “Jazmin” in just a few short words?
Jazmin optimistic about life, cares about others and flourishes when her hippie-ocean-lovin’-inner-child comes alive.

What has Jazmin recently discovered about herself and how long did it take you to discover it?
I recently discovered that I am truly a visual person. Whenever someone is explaining a concept or I am planning for an event, I MUST have a drawing or photograph to go with the conversation or I struggle to conceive it.

Your first novel “Love Incorruptible” just came out recently. Can you tell us why you believe it’s important for others to purchase the book and what they can expect from it?
I believe that we all have a past, and we all have issues that have stemmed from that past. In order to heal from those wounds and start truly living your best life, you have to dig up that past and face it. No hiding or sweeping under the rug or putting a Band-Aid on it. Give your demons a good ole’ fashioned square look in the face. That’s what Love Incorruptible challenges people to do. Be bold and brave and live your best life.

When did you decide it was time to write a story about your life and relationships? Why do you think people should know about your story?
Ten years ago, I felt it in my gut. It was like God simply said – I want you to write a book about your life. And, initially, I only came up with the title, which comes from a book in the bible, Ephesians. So, I came up with the title and it stopped there. It wasn’t until years later that I continued to live out the content that would be included in the book. I think it’s important for people to know that pretty on the outside doesn’t mean pretty on the inside. That applies to us and when we are looking at other’s lives. I lived behind a mask, and all though my life wasn’t all bad, no one’s life is all bad, but I definitely wasn’t truthful with others nor myself in the things I was enduring.

How did you come up with the title? What’s the significance behind it?
I would say the title was God-inspired. It came from Ephesians 6:24 “Grace (God’s undeserved favor) be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with undying and incorruptible [love]. Amen (so let it be). (AMP) First of all, I just love the word INCORRUPTIBLE. Isn’t it powerful? I knew the book that I was writing would be about love, but initially, I didn’t know in what capacity. I thought maybe it would be a redemptive love story between the two main characters, Brooklen and Xavier. But, God took me down a different path and Brooklen ended up learning about an incorruptible love for God and herself.

What do you hope your readers take away from your novel “Love Incorruptible”?
Well, I’m a huge proponent of self-care. An area many women put on the back burner. Once we learn the value of self-care it will lead us to better self-love, love for God, love for our families, our careers, our communities, etc. It all begins with taking care of self. That process looks different for everyone.

There are a lot of women that don’t know the difference between an unhealthy and healthy relationship. Through your experience, how would you break down the difference between the two? What are the exit signs of an unhealthy relationship?
Wow. That’s a big question. I will start with saying – intuition. Our intuition holds the key to unlock a lot of our inner turmoil, but many times in unhealthy relationships we forget how to listen to that voice. That voice is talking but we are too busy living in the fantasy of our relationship – what we want it to be, rather than what it really is. “Unhealthy” hurts (repeatedly). Healthy causes you to feel light, love and it thrives. There’s a simple way to put it. Furthermore, exit when you can. Only you can make that decision, not your mom or a friend or anyone else. You have to decided when enough is enough.

What does a woman need to do for herself in order to be in a healthy relationship?
Love herself first. Fall deeply in love with yourself. The good – love it hard. The bad – change it over time. The ugly – put on a little self-care and you are good sis!


What did you think about my interview with Jazmin Steele? Why do you believe that this book is important for all women to read? Your comments (and questions) about this post are greatly appreciative. 

Jazmin is on social media here, here, and here. Also follow her to stay up to date about her book, reviews on the book and current events. 

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“Love Incorruptible: A Woman’s Reflective Journey to Freedom” is available for purchase here.

Photography by Aiko Cunanan




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