Casually Stated

Casually Stated

Casually Stated

Hello beauty. Let’s first address the big elephant in the room shall we. Well at least since it hasn’t been addressed in my most recent outfit posts. Yes, I’ve changed my hair up a bit. Thus deciding to go for a more natural look for a little while after desiring a hairdo change. A true lover of a flat iron, let’s see how long this lasts. (lol)

You may be well aware of my very adventurous summer by now. That’s if you have been able to keep up on my posts about each of my vacay styles. Just in case you haven’t, do a sistah girl a favor + check them out. 😉 I’m forced to get back into the groove of things + on routine now that my son is back to school as of Monday. He started 1st grade + I couldn’t be more happier of his new journey. Besides that, I am pretty sure that things are about to get real (lol). I know for a fact that what these babies are learning in 1st grade now is no where near what I learned in 1st grade, lets just say, years ago. 

All that being said, of course I look forward to the weekend even more now because routines can become so redundant although important for children because it’s said that it develops self discipline. Either way, taking a break from day to day routine is always a breath of fresh air. One routine I can’t get enough of is casual Fridays. Really I can dress casually any day of the week, but Fridays puts my mind into weekend mode + style. Whatever weekend mode + style may mean to you. 

My casual kind of Friday may not be typical for some, but I like to wear comfortable clothes, but accessorize so I don’t look boring, if you will. It’s a way for me to not look like I had enough of my week. The outfit choices I make need to say, I have conquered the work week so I deserve to look like I did so. Instead of looking like the week got the best of me. There was obviously thought + effort put behind my outfit. Just like the productivity I’m giving my wardrobe, is the same productivity I put into my work week. Let’s talk about my outfit choice in depth. 

The comfort-ability of this look was my number one priority because in my mind I wanted to wear something a little more relaxed + free. I wore a long sleeve linen top (I just rolled up the sleeves to give it a more casual chicness) + green khaki or casual pants (same; rolled up for a casual chic look). To give the look more gratification, I added a drape beaded statement necklace, beaded bracelets, drop earrings, functional natural wood watch + brown peep toe pump sandal. The last pairing was the suede tote bag to give it more oomph. 

As you may have remembered me say time again, I dress for the way I feel, want to look + what matches my style personality. It’s important for me to look presentable at all times. Image is everything. 

Are you aware of what wardrobe pieces to pair together to get a more fun + snazzy casual Friday look that matches your style personality? Do you want your Friday’s outfit to feel more like you feel, happy it’s Friday + less like you’ve had enough of the work week? Thanks for stopping by + visiting me on my fancy style journey. Love to hear your thoughts on anything I share with you. Xo 

Outfit Deets: Womens Linen Top – H&M//Logg Casual Khaki/Casual Pants – H&M//Statement Necklace – Thrift//Tote Bag – Kenneth Cole Reaction//Shoe – Tahari//Natural Wood Watch – Jord Wood Watches

Photography: Brandon Kyle // Location: Studio City, CA 


Pentené Milner is a mother, influencer, stylist and all around lifer. She started Style Me Fancy by Pentené (a style, fashion and lifestyle blog) initially to brand herself as a stylist, but quickly turned it into a place to inspire women to find a sense of empowerment in their personal style. She’s a native of San Diego, California, but made Los Angeles her home in 2002. She enjoys being mom to her tween son, city life, fun with family (and friends that are like family), seeing the world, dressing up, dining, wineries and self caring at a spa. To her, as a former singer, music brings everything to light and many times writes while listening to it.


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