Out with the Old: Ways Clothes Can Affect Your Emotions

Out with the Old: Ways Clothes Can Affect Your Emotions

I learned how clothes can affect your emotions when my marriage ended and self-growth began. The clothes I wore during my relationship no longer made me feel good because it was reminiscent of a toxic union, who I was and had become while in it. This was when I realized just how much clothes had a psychological impact on our lives.

(Tell me this) Ever go through a bad breakup and suddenly everything that ever made you feel good in the relationship gave you the worse feelings after it was over? Some of the music you enjoyed together, the furniture you spent quality time on, the dishware sets you consumed meals on, photos of the both of you – all now gives you bad memories of what was once the reality settled in to what was behind the demise. To create new positive energy, it was required of me to let go of not only the relationship, but the material property that we shared or that was apart of our time together. 

I gladly wanted a break up from all of the things that didn’t serve my life in the same ways it did before, including my clothes. I wanted to get rid of the old energy that were attached while wearing them. It was out with the old and in with the new type vibes for me so I knew my love affair with my old clothes eventually had to end. It no longer told the style story that I was living, wanted or gave me the feeling I needed to be renewed. 


Skirt by VIP Shop Global 

Top by Zara

Strappy Sandals with Clear Heel by GS Love (similar herehere + here)

Hat by Forever 21 (similar here + here)

Bamboo Tote Bag by Lovevook

Layer necklace and earrings by Charming Charlie

Rings by Kollectin

Since I was starting from scratch after donating or selling most of my household items, I would transform some of my old clothes that I had kept to make them feel like new again and positively transition them by mixing with new garments I was gradually acquiring. I did that by never wearing them the same way, creating a fresh new look. I would pair an old article of clothing with a new one. And accessorize differently changing the way an old garment felt entirely and internally. Eventually, I was able to build a new wardrobe to match my new state of mind. My new growth had a statement to make and old energy to break.  

There were many factors that came into play when deciding that my old clothes were no longer for me and that new garments would give me a new perspective:

The feelings I had when wearing them pre-breakup weren’t the same post-breakup and gave me old toxic energy.

I needed wardrobe that would make me feel like I was moving forward and get rid of the old emotions they caused. 

After feeling lost within myself I needed to create something fresh that gave me a new perspective after finding me again. I needed my clothes to celebrate the improved version of me and who I was becoming.

It had to complement my personal growth journey and represent the new space I was in. 

Wearing new and transitioned clothing put me in a better mood.

Transitioning and becoming more mature, I was born again, from a girl to a woman. My old clothes represented the girl I overcame and the new represents the woman I’ve become. 

My new experiences as a single mother and rediscovering independence changed the way I wanted to present myself. 

After discovering how much my style story should represent how I feel internally, I started having more fun with my style. Every element of this look, from the hat to the beautiful layered skirt and strappy sandals with the clear heels makes me feel youthful, playful, feminine and alive again. The layered skirt by VIP Shop Global helps me feel free and comfortable because of its feminine floral style and flowy fabric. It completely caters to my new style personality. 

In what ways are you wearing clothes to represent the new you? Do you believe clothes you wear affect your emotions? Have you ever felt like your old clothes brought bad energy because of who and where you were in your life at that time? Keep following the journey and grow through style. Subscribe to be inspired. 



Pentené Milner is a mother, influencer, stylist and all around lifer. She started Style Me Fancy by Pentené (a style, fashion and lifestyle blog) initially to brand herself as a stylist, but quickly turned it into a place to inspire women to find a sense of empowerment in their personal style. She’s a native of San Diego, California, but made Los Angeles her home in 2002. She enjoys being mom to her tween son, city life, fun with family (and friends that are like family), seeing the world, dressing up, dining, wineries and self caring at a spa. To her, as a former singer, music brings everything to light and many times writes while listening to it.


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