Color-Style Pick Me Up

Color-Style Pick Me Up

Hi loves! I hope your weekend was amazing. My weekend was very productive and progressive. Oooh, two powerful “P” words. I can get with that. 🙂 I did get a little movie time in with the hubby and son. Well, now it’s time for us to have a power packed week. To have a power packed week, your mood has to reflect the mission to get things done.

A perfect way for me to tackle each day of the week is probably not what you think. Part of what helps my mood is the color of my wardrobe. Yep, it’s true. The color(s) you wear can be mood driven. Adding color to your wardrobe can be a style and mood pick me up. First, I determine the colors that complement my skin tone because I don’t want to wear a color that won’t radiate or make my skin tone pop. You can tell it’s your color when you don’t look dull or yellowish in the face. Then I consider my mood when I’m in the color. Do I feel energetic, calm, powerful, compassionate or fresh? Later, I’ll tell you what some colors are supposed to make you feel and convey to the onlooker.

Colorful wardrobe wasn’t always present in my closet. I believe that I was afraid of color so I would wear a lot of black and brown. Those are not very attractive or approachable colors. Especially if you don’t add a pop of color to it. I didn’t realize that those colors had an effect on my mood. Then I finally purchased a colorful piece and it changed my world forever. I loved the way I looked and felt in it. From that point on, it was a must that I had colorful wardrobe in my closet.

I get so many compliments when it’s the right color. And who doesn’t like a great compliment. My favorite colors to wear are blue (serenity, calm) and red (powerful, confident). They look great on my skin tone and I feel fabulous in those colors. There are other colors that I enjoy wearing that complement my skin tone as well. Wearing the colors that best complement your skin tone is sure to brighten your day and let’s face it, someone else’s too.


Mood Colors


Other mood colors:

Green – Nurturing, Earthy

Gray/Black – Invisibility, Blending In

Orange – Energetic, Creative, Playful

Pink – Open heart, Compassion, Feminine

Purple – Unique, Special

Burgundy – Aligned with royalty

White – Fresh outlook, New beginnings

Yellow – Cheerful, Happy, Warmth, Optimism, Light


Do you know what colors look great on you? Does the color(s) you wear reflect your mood?



Pentené Milner is a mother, influencer, stylist and all around lifer. She started Style Me Fancy by Pentené (a style, fashion and lifestyle blog) initially to brand herself as a stylist, but quickly turned it into a place to inspire women to find a sense of empowerment in their personal style. She’s a native of San Diego, California, but made Los Angeles her home in 2002. She enjoys being mom to her tween son, city life, fun with family (and friends that are like family), seeing the world, dressing up, dining, wineries and self caring at a spa. To her, as a former singer, music brings everything to light and many times writes while listening to it.

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