Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Many of us get caught up in what others think of us which usually starts during childhood. From who we should be, how we should think and what we should look like. What’s worse is you become someone who don’t know how to love you as you are once you’re grown. You end up being an adult that does things to please everyone but yourself. It’s exhausting and quite frankly, unhealthy. If we don’t learn to feel good about ourselves than we’ll end up in relationships with people that don’t value us either. Your confidence comes from you feeling comfortable in your own skin by accepting who you are and feeling good about it. Then no one can deter you from being you. 

I’m learning to love every part of me. Realizing that my flaws deserve my love and attention too. After all, it’s a special part of what makes me, me. Even when societal trends start to try and challenge our loyalty to ourselves by telling us that we need a bigger butt and boobs to be beautiful. We have to know that we are good enough the way that we are and being better is becoming the best versions of ourselves not in the form of superficiality. Being secure in yourself creates value and wellness. That’s why I’m wearing product that helps me embrace me the way I am as a woman and mother. 

I’m confident in who I am, and I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m just being myself, being comfortable with my body, comfortable with my sound, and I’m figuring out who I am. 

Justine Skye

Bra by True and Co 

Denim Jacket by Love Tree (similar here)

Distressed Denim Jeans by Machine Nouvelle Mo (here and here)

True and Co. is an intimate apparel line and my new brand fave. Well for starters, it was established by a woman and, in addition, the intimate apparel line celebrates every kind of woman. It’s a brand that honors being who you are and feeling comfortable in that. The cornerstone of True and Co. is on enhancing all that you are and catering to your comfort while in the apparel.

I can vouch for the comfort and support that the T-Shirt bra (pictured) provides me. Oh and might I add that it makes my boobs look good too (who needs a boob job, lol). I just love the way it makes me feel as an all around woman on a mission of self-love. It makes your world so much better when you can wear what makes you feel comfortable and look it too.

Do you know of other intimate apparel brands that celebrates every woman? Which of their bras would you love to try if you haven’t? What’s your favorite women empowerment brand? I would love for you to leave a comment and subscribe for more stylish empowerment talk. Until then, be good to yourself. 



Pentené Milner is a mother, influencer, stylist and all around lifer. She started Style Me Fancy by Pentené (a style, fashion and lifestyle blog) initially to brand herself as a stylist, but quickly turned it into a place to inspire women to find a sense of empowerment in their personal style. She’s a native of San Diego, California, but made Los Angeles her home in 2002. She enjoys being mom to her tween son, city life, fun with family (and friends that are like family), seeing the world, dressing up, dining, wineries and self caring at a spa. To her, as a former singer, music brings everything to light and many times writes while listening to it.


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