Consider This My Mixtape (A Girl Boss Guide to Owning Her Life and Dreams)

Consider This My Mixtape (A Girl Boss Guide to Owning Her Life and Dreams)

Rise. Ride. Rise. Repeat.

-Janelle Nicole Carothers

With all of life’s experiences (good and bad), what do you do with what you’ve learned? How do you use the information that you’ve acquired? I believe that what we experience in life can be strongly incorporated to how we approach life, including our dreams. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to discover our purpose and use our God given talents to live out that purpose. Everyone has a story that ends up being the reason they are where they are today. Unfortunately for some, its a story that harshly affects how they deal with life going forward. But if you’re a woman that rather not live a life of mediocrity, at some point you got to stop using excuses, let go of fear and go after what God has for you. 

Choosing you and chasing your dreams should take precedence after all (yes you can make it happen even as a mama). So of course, it wasn’t hard to get into my good friend’s book for some inspiration and the real on getting out of your own way in order to conquer the levels of entrepreneurship and/or career you want. I wanted to share it with you because of its no barred, edgy and cut to the chase appeal to run the f’n world like a girl boss. Be uplifted and learn about the beautiful woman behind the book, Janelle Nicole Carothers. Get to know Janelle Nicole Carothers and learn more about her book in our interview below. 

Steadily pour your soul into your mission. First, you chase it. Then, you catch it. Next, you eat that shit alive.

– Consider This My Mixtape

Can you start by sharing with my readers who Janelle Nicole Carothers is? What is it about your career journey that made you want to share the “how to’s of living out your dreams” with others?

Who is Janelle Carothers? Sooo many things, the list is long but in a nutshell: Entrepreneur, Costume Designer, mother, curator, giver, sharer. I found myself having the same conversation over and over again with people I was hiring, training, those that were coming up under me and finally I was like look, I’m tired of talking, I’m writing this shit down.

What happened in your life that inspired you to write this book? 

The second layer to the above question is … I have A LOT of mentors but every time I hear a “good word” I’m like ooh, where is a pen I have to write that down. Also, there’s so much personal/professional development stuff being shared but a lot of it sounds fluffy to me. I think the fluff is great and necessary, but I don’t personally respond to it, that’s not was strikes a chord in me. I respond to realistic down to earth conversations from people next to me in the trenches – so that where I knee in which perspective I needed to share from.

Do you have an elevator pitch? If not, what would your elevator pitch be?

I should but I don’t. And I’m so reserved that if I had to shoot my shot in an elevator, I probably wouldn’t. Or, I would have to do something radical like pull the emergency button because I’m hella long winded and when I get to talking … I get to talking. By the time we get off that elevator we would be BFF’s because I would have told everything.  Maybe I’ll put that on my 2019 list of things to master, an elevator pitch that won’t land me in jail. Also, LISA NICHOLS has a thing called “a SNAP”, I like that idea more than an elevator pitch. So, in homage to her I am going to perfect my “SNAP” in 2019.

How would you describe your book “Consider This My Mixtape” in just a few words? And what was the inspiration behind the title?

A dope “how to.” Unapologetic. Inspiring. Up lifting. A strikingly personal scrapbook-style career perspective that’s easy to swallow and impossible to put down.

Because it feels more upbeat than just a “book” And when I finished writing it, I didn’t immediately want to put on eyeglasses and sit at book store and sign copies. I felt more like I wanted a mic and a stage and some backup dancers.

There’s a message that touched my spirit in your foreword by Lisa Nichols (Motivational Speaker and Author) that said, “Mostly the world sees you the way you see yourself. So, see yourself as strong (you are). See yourself as amazing (you are). You woke up enough!” I thought it was a great introduction to your book. How did that collaboration come about?

Lisa Nichols is a Godsend Mentor, client, friend. There were two people who told me to write a book. She was one of them. She also holds an event called “Speak and Write” … I was a guest of hers at that event and I knew I had to write my truth. And I knew she had to write my foreword. When she speaks to me, I don’t even write it down, I record her words. When she starts talking, I’m like … “STOP” “HD THAT THOUGHT” let me get my phone and record. I have a small library on my phone of conversations that were a must record so I didn’t miss one word. I replay them often. And, although I consider her a client turned friend, I wrote the entire book and asked her at the very last second if she would do the honors to write the foreword. I had an entire “proper pitch” and when I finished … she was like “why you say all that, girl YES” (back to why I need an elevator pitch).

No one’s a stranger to the hard knocks of life, but life can also be beautiful if you want it to be. In your book “Consider This My Mixtape”, you give a lot of great advice on how reaching your dreams are attainable, but by the work you put in to it makes it possible no matter the battles your facing. Who would you say you wrote this book for? And with all the motivational books out there, why did you feel your perspective was so important to share?

I wrote the book for me. It’s actually an open letter (and reminder) to myself. A reminder to stay the course, keep going and when I get distracted, when I get discouraged …remember this …

Also, in your book you provide an opportunity for other empowered women and entrepreneurs to give a dose of motivation, who all happened to be African American women, what was your motivation behind including these women in your book?

I am surrounded by sooooo many awesome women of all races. The funny thing is I had so many people on the list to include I just had to draw that line and put the book out there because I could have gone on forever. And when there’s a volume two and three I will just continue that list. But, at the time it was less about the women in the book being African American and more about me including people that I personally knew and trying to have a wide scope of professions. I know a lot of people in fashion, but I didn’t want the book to be about a career in fashion.  My book was like a birth and those are women I had at the baby shower.

Why do you believe it is important for dreamers and anyone that wants to reach their career goals get your book? What do you hope they take away from reading it?

It’s an easy read. It’s a book that you keep reading forever and ever. I think each time to you read you’ll get something else from it. I want the dreamers of the world to pull the trigger. That’s what I hope they take away from it. I want to convert the dreamers to doers.

What is next for Janelle Nicole Carothers?

Keep pressing. I love the track I’m on. That last few years I have sowed a lot of seeds that I’m ready to watch bloom and grow. I’m on a great TV Show called LA’s Finest starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. Praying for lots of seasons ahead. Also, I am expanding my wardrobe trailer company. I have a collection with the Jewelry Line SLATE (you can check out the collection here). I am planning more visual moments in pushing the book. I am building the team bigger and better. And while all those things are getting bigger, I’m also penciling in more time to stop and smell the roses.

Last question, are you open to motivational speaking and mentoring?

Yes, I’m always open to do whatever it is I feel that God is calling me to do. 

What I wore
Striped Button Up by Forever 21 (similar here + https://shopstyle.it/l/W7JAhere)
Pants by Ross (similar here + here)
Open Toe Heels by GS Love (similar here + here)
Necklace by Kollectin

You can’t put me in a box. I like to be surprising. I didn’t ask to be figured out. When I snatched off all the labels that were put on me, the game changed and I won. -Consider This My Mixtape

My hope is that you not only learned about Janelle and the book, but that you learned something from the interview. There’s always a chance to learn from people when they speak. Can you tell me something that you learned from the interview? What from the interview stood out? Did the interview make you even more interested about getting and reading the book?
This book would make a perfect gift for Christmas and/or as a New Year push. You can purchase the book, “Consider This My Mixtape” here. And as always, thank you for stopping by and please subscribe for more inspiration to fuel your journey. 


Pentené Milner is a mother, influencer, stylist and all around lifer. She started Style Me Fancy by Pentené (a style, fashion and lifestyle blog) initially to brand herself as a stylist, but quickly turned it into a place to inspire women to find a sense of empowerment in their personal style. She’s a native of San Diego, California, but made Los Angeles her home in 2002. She enjoys being mom to her tween son, city life, fun with family (and friends that are like family), seeing the world, dressing up, dining, wineries and self caring at a spa. To her, as a former singer, music brings everything to light and many times writes while listening to it.


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