Crop Tops + Wide-Leg Pants

Crop Tops + Wide-Leg Pants

Spring, Crop Tops + Wide Leg Pants

With Spring comes many different wardrobe options like floral dresses, sandals, rompers, but how soon many of us forget about crop tops and wide-leg pants too. I love that wide-leg pants are a transitional wardrobe piece that can be worn throughout various seasons from fall to winter on to spring. AND, they are perfect for the very reason I paired them with this crop top. I’ll get to that in a minute. 

Remember these high waist wide-leg pants from LA Style Fashion Week? I just can’t get enough of them so I styled them a little more casually this time around. Especially after finding this super cute bell sleeve crop top at Zizibeh, a local women’s clothing store in Van Nuys, California (you can find a lot of great fashionable and reasonably priced clothing in local stores and boutiques in your area), unsure of what I was going to collaborate them with soon as I brought them home these wide-leg pants that I got from Heavenly Couture (yes, my go to spot!) were the first on my mind.

Spring, Crop Tops + Wide Leg Pants

Spring, Crop Tops + Wide Leg Pants

The wide-leg pants came to mind for many different reasons. For me the volume on the top and bottom seemed well balanced in harmony, hence the bell sleeves and the wide-leg as well as the colors coordinated perfectly. One other thing that stuck out to me was the fact that, while I really do think crop tops are cu-yute, I don’t think they are for me. Reason being, I don’t like to show bare midriff – but, I changed all that to make it cater to me and my style.

How I made it cater to my style was by wearing these high waist pants to minimize that amount of bare midriff I would show. The high waist are perfect for crop tops if you want less exposure of your mid-section. Another way would be to wear a nude, but thin under shirt for less exposure. My feeling is, if you want to wear something then wear it in ways that’ll make it work for you.

The accessories (cat eye sunglasses, burnt orange clutch purse, floral block heels, long layer beaded multi-strand necklace and beaded drop earrings) were enhancers to glamify the look even further.

Spring, Crop Tops and Wide Leg Pants

Spring, Crop Tops and Wide Leg Pants

How do you feel about crop tops? If you like crop tops, do you wear them? Why or why not?

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Side note: I drove to Palm Springs from Los Angeles for the day to shoot with another amazing girl boss San Francisco based photographer, Julia O Test. Also share your thoughts on the photography too. 😉 

Visuals: Julia O Test Photography //Location: Palm Springs, California 


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Pentené Milner is a personal wardrobe stylist, fashion + lifestyle blogger and author of "Style Me Fancy by Pentené" living in Los Angeles. She defines a fancy style as decorative and unapologetic. The style blog was created as a space to talk about the importance of style and finding your personal style. Pentené wanted to show the fundamentals of style by exposing each of her fun, idealistic and creative wardrobe looks. It's a space that women can come and be inspired by ways to personify their own style - and what it takes to be able to articulate it.


  • Marieta (ootd_in_style)


    I love this orange crop top–the scallop folds and bell sleeves make it so classy. A perfect pairing with the wide pants!

    I have not worn a crop top since the 90’s when I was younger and had a six-pack to show off–hehe. You have now inspired me to try those again – in a more suffocated manner.

    Love your shades as well–need something like those.


    • Pentené

      Aww thanks babe! Yay! So glad I accomplished my goal to inspire anyone that has not or feel like they can’t anymore wear a crop top. This made my day. Thanks so much for reading this post. Xoxo

  • Kristen

    I this outfit is great! I love the color combination and how you styled the crop top with the wide leg pants!

    • Pentené

      Thanks so much love! I really had fun putting this look together. Happy to receive the compliments about it. Xoxo

  • Helena Marz

    I love the orange on you and you are totally rocking it! Love how you styled this crop top with a high waist pants, you look stunning! I love crop tops and I would wear either a high waist skirt or pants to show a little bare midsection to give off a sexy look for a night out❤️

    • Pentené

      Aww thanks love! I love the sound of that. Sounds like you know how to cater a crop top to your style too. Xoxo

  • Belu


    You always have these original looks that make you shine! I love this combination of colors, I think it is perfect for a warm weather! Love it

    • Pentené

      Aww thanks so much babe! I love putting looks together and seeing the combination of things come together. Xoxo

  • Nicole

    Pentene this is one of my fave outfits on you so far! The hint of subtle skin is perfect when pairing these 2 pieces together and those accessories are on point! Love it all babe!

    • Pentené

      Thanks so much love!!! I appreciate it. I had so much fun putting this look together too. Glad it shows. Xoxo

  • karissa allen

    so many things to say lol. first, i love heavenly couture! such a steal. also i feel the same about crop tops, i love them but wear them almost exclusively with high waisted pants. i love the retro vibe of this look – so fab!

  • Nikki Living Life

    I saw this post on Insta and LOVED it!!! The color is gorgeous and I love how you paired it with the wide leg pants. The accessories go perfectly with the look. You look stunning.


    • Pentené

      Thanks so much love! I have to say that this is one of my fave looks because its so bold, fun and inspiring. Appreciate the compliments. Xoxo

  • Deal Man Unhappy Customers

    Girl, those pants ARE fantastic!! I wish we could go shopping together!!!

    • Pentené

      Aww thanks so much! Where there’s a will, there is a way. There are all sorts of ways we can make shopping happen together. Xoxo

  • Debbie Savage

    I love this look Pentene! It is so stylish! The color combination is one I have not seen before and I absolutely love it! I love the cropped top and the wide leg pants! However, the shoes — you must wear them again and give those girls more attention! You look gorgeous!
    xo Debbie |

    • Pentené

      Aww thanks so much babe! This outfit combo was so fun to pair. And yup, I’ll definitely being wearing these floral beauties again. Xoxo

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