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Each Style Matters Too

Each Style Matters Too

Happy Friday love! I’m not sure if you checked out my social media posts on Instagram, Facebook + Twitter a couple Friday’s ago, but I shared a photo of my attendance at the 4th Annual Directing Change Awards Presented by Each Mind Matters. Each Mind Matters is a phenomenal mental health organization that provides mental health awareness around the world [read more on this organization here]. One of my posts included a picture with the beautiful singer-songwriter + actress, Meredith O’Connor from Long Island, New York who attended the event to support the movement. Oh! Not to mention she’s an Anti Bullying Activist too. Meredith was one of the event’s performers + presenters. I was invited to interview her on her personal style + style inspiration. It was a great opportunity to inspire readers like you on what inspires others personal style.

It was such an honor to interview such a beautiful spirit + humble person. Her answers to each question I asked was so forth coming + I can tell, on point with what she stands for as a person in general. I hope you enjoy my interview with Meredith as much as I enjoyed speaking with her + as you learn more about her personal style, I hope you discover more ways to interpret yours. 

Meredith O’Connor made a show stopping appearance to support the Directing Change Awards in a gold + black sheath print dress from Showroom Seven in New York City. Showroom Seven are always providing her with the latest fashionable dresses for red carpet events. Here’s what she had to say during the interview about style:

How would you describe your personal style?

Meredith O’Connor: In general I really like the 80’s rocker style so I would say that my personal style is like 80’s rocker chick. I feel it’s really important to have a style that makes you stand out in a way that you’re comfortable with + that expresses who you are. 

Where does your personal style inspiration come from?

Meredith O’Connor: I used to do a lot of off Broadway work + I love the larger than life kind of costumes, bright colors + really sparkly things. Whenever I work with my stylist she always tells me what the event is going to be + what will be appropriate to wear + I’m always like, okay well throw sparkles on it. [we giggle at the fact that she loves wardrobe that sparkles and of course the ensemble she wore definitely gave the sparkle effect. :-)]

[In between the interview she gave me the sweetest compliment on my pants saying that she thought they were totally awesome, which receiving the compliment was awesome. 😉 Maybe my pants gave her the rocker chick vibe because of the multi-color print. I think they could totally pass for a rocker chick style.] 

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Meredith O’Connor: My favorite fashion designer is Vivienne Hu who provided me with all of her dresses for fashion week. I will be wearing one of her dresses for Couture Fashion Week in New York happening September 9-11, 2016 where I’ll be performing so stay tuned for that. 

Style is a big part of expressing who you are + being your unique authentic self. Since you are an Anti Bullying Activist, what are some of the affects that bullying has on people that can keep them from being who they are? What advice could you give ?

Meredith O’Connor: I can totally attest to being bullied + people said it was because I was different + I hated the fact that I was different. When I speak at concerts, meet + greets, schools, people come up to me + say, “I’m picked on because I’m too short, I’m picked on because I’m too tall”, people will find something that they think is wrong with you, but it’s never because there is anything wrong with you, it’s because there’s something wrong with them. It’s a lot of things that kids don’t realize, but what I realized is that if you are different + if you are lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change because its something that is so beautiful. If I can influence a fan to love the fact that they are tall, love the fact that they talk really fast or whatever it is that they do differently then that’s what I want to be able to do in this world. That’s what will make you successful by just being you. 

Last question, what does style mean to you?

Meredith O’Connor: Style to me is just a way of expressing yourself + I think it’s something you should do in a way that makes you feel comfortable. It’s just an extension of who you are. 

To learn more about Meredith O’Connor and keep up with her latest projects, visit her website www.meredithoconnormusic.com.

Photography Credit // Brandon Kyle 

Meredith O'Conner at the Directing for Change Awards

Meredith O'Conner at the Directing for Change Awards


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