Exploring Tulum: Where to Stay

Exploring Tulum: Where to Stay

I’m back with part two of my travel series to Tulum. In part one (here) I talked about things you should add to your itinerary. Which had most to do with what I did during my visit. This time around I wanted to tell you more about exploring Tulum and where to stay. I ended up having more than one hotel stay experience because I had to make a couple hotel stay adjustments after realizing that I was making the trip alone. So let’s talk about where I stayed during my time in the beautiful town of Tulum.

Hotel Biwa Tulum 

Hotel Biwa Tulum is located in Tulum City Center and is a small boutique hotel that goes for under $120 a night (please keep in mind – the time of year you go may change the rates). It’s about 10 to 20 minutes from the beaches, 5 minutes from the Gran Cenote and about 5 minutes from the Mayan ruins.

Part of what I loved about staying here is that the breakfast was included in the price of your stay per night. The food is served buffet style in the restaurant right next door to the hotel. And it’s some good grub. Other amenities include a pool, rooftop bar, free WiFi, laundry service and business center. To get around Tulum you can utilize the free bike rentals, hotel shuttle for a fee or taxi (usually about $140 pesos) from the hotel to the beach or gran cenote. Also there are car rental options too. 

The room at Biwa Tulum is contemporary and trendy. It was clean, nice and spacious. I ended up keeping the junior two bedroom suite that was apart of the original plan, but enjoyed having the space to myself. The staff was so welcoming and attentive providing excellent customer service at all times. They took great care of me. 

Una Vida – Boutique Villas

Una Vida is a charming place that intends to give luxurious comfort with its bohemian inspired and rustic designs. The hotel offers a strong presence of nature, surrounded by the lush jungle of Tulum. Its location is a little farther from most of the beaches, but with an easy access to the cenotes and ruins. The staff here provided great service as well. The cost per night goes for under $120. 

My favorite has to be the outdoor bathtub (and shower) giving me vintage glamping and (being one with) nature feels. It was a nice surprise when I discovered that the hotel had bath salt ready for use near the tub. Special treat was the lit candles in the common areas and the bonfire located in the front of the hotel. Amenities include a pool, bar and free bike rental. No breakfast included with this one. 

Which hotel matches your personality and vibe? Would you stay at either of the two? Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know about them that I didn’t cover. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading part two of my travel series post. I’m loving that I get to share my travel deets with you. Until we connect again, make sure to have your friends visit and subscribe for more inspiration. 



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