Get Threaded: Brow Threading x Beauty Spa

Get Threaded: Brow Threading x Beauty Spa


I recently went to the grand opening of “Get Threaded” a new brow and beauty spa in Beverly Hills, CA. The customer service provided by the staff of Get Threaded was so attentive, positive, knowledgeable, goal oriented and with communication skills. Each of them are threading professionals and formally trained. Now that I got the customer service out the way, let me talk about the spa decor for a moment.

The spa decor colors are pink and black. The color pink is known as a warm tone that creates a calm atmosphere, which is the feeling I got while visiting the brow and beauty spa, calming. The black color to me provided an elegance and sophistication. They have this acrylic crystal beaded curtain that immediately caught my attention as I first approached the spa that added a luxurious decorative accent in the spa and window.

Oh and how fun is the pink “how do you feel” wall using expressive words to describe how you feel after receiving their brow threading service. Pictured below I took this after my service and gave a great description of how I felt afterward, “like a queen transformed”. 



Now lets move on to my brow threading service and the information I received from the brow threading professional at Get Threaded that worked on my brows. 

Prior to visiting Get Threaded I never thought about how much my brows did or didn’t flatter my face. I honestly felt like as long as they were groomed and had some kind of shape that my brows complemented my face. Learning that the shape of your brows should be specific and suitable to your face shape was a true wake up call for me. Girl! I was completely clueless this whole time about my brows. 



What l also learned is that waxing isn’t good for your skin, damages your roots and does not structurally shape your brows. Thank goodness I stopped waxing long ago, especially after looking at photos from way back of my waxed brows and did not like the way my brows looked at ALL. I cringed when I saw an old photo of my younger self and thought why, lol. The brow threading professional emphasized that the best ways to shape and treat your brows are by tweezing and threading.



Before we got started I was shown a consultation card to determine what face shape I was and the best brow shape for my face that was complementary to my features. I then received a brow threading and tint service (best known as the brow booster) to give my brow a transforming shape.

Threading is completely bearable and feels like a slight pinch or like your tweezing multiple hairs at once. Where your hairs have been removed your skin will be a bit of a rosy color for just the day, but smooth the next. 



The tint (brow booster) service was easy, quick and painless. I also want to note that Get Threaded is the only place who does the brow booster and they use the most natural products possible. Brow booster tinting is a great way to make your brows look fuller and more pronounced. The threading professional that worked on my brows found the color that complemented my skin tone and eye color best. Her goal was to make sure that my brow reshape accentuated my face and its shape going forward. 



Other tips the threading professional shared with me was to never use an eyebrow pencil to shape your brows because it adds stress on hair follicles. Instead use cream or a mineral eyebrow powder. And brush your brows with a brow grooming brush regularly to stimulate growth. 


How do you think my brows turned out? Do you think you know the best brow shape for your face shape?

To book your very own brow threading service visit them at

Location information:

210 S Beverly Dr.

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

(424) 335-0724

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