Getting In Touch With Your Body

Getting In Touch With Your Body

Hey beautiful! I’ve been wanting to do something for a little while now after learning about it. Guessing by the photos, it’s pretty obvi that I finally did it. And you may be wondering what it is that I finally did and why I’m laying in a statue like position on what looks to be a body scanning machine. If you aren’t familiar with the Dexa Scan then this post will serve as your introduction as I tell you about my experience after visiting Body Spec to get the scan for the very first time. The dexa scan is a great way to start getting in touch with your body and it’s very affordable. It’s used by a huge population that are looking to make lifestyle changes, and most are fitness enthusiasts.

A Dexa (also DXA) Scan focuses on your body composition measuring only fat tissue, lean tissue, bone density (and more). It gives the most accurate six to eight minute body fat test with a 1% margin error (pretty good right?!?). The machine moves in one direction starting from your head and ending at your feet. The x-ray occurs underneath, scanning each part of your body safely (and effectively). It takes no time at all and is easy. The dexa scan can help you set meaningful goals based on your body’s needs. You can track your progress to see what changes have or need to be made in specific areas. 

The medical grade machine is also used for diagnosis purposes to check for osteoporosis (usually for adults 65 and older). The treatment that body spec provides is different than that of a diagnosis. They are not a diagnostic clinic and only focus on the body composition side of it. Their demographics are athletes, fitness trainees, performers prepping for shows and more. Sometimes a fitness trainer, physical therapist, or nutritionist may want you to have a Dexa Scan done at the start of your program. If you have body goals than the Dexa Scan will be able to help you understand and track changes in your body.

Here’s a little insight on how to arrive. It’s best if you show up in workout clothes (or anything comfortable that doesn’t have metal will do) and you’ll need to remove any and all jewelry. If you’ve ever gotten an X-ray done then removing jewelry shouldn’t be new to you. Simply follow the instructions given by the Dexa Scan technician. Go in with an open mind and prepare to receive the information you need from the results report provided at the end. No more guess work. 

The lifestyle changes I want to make is what caught my interest in the DXA Scan. I wanted to learn more about my body to determine what I needed to focus on to create a better life. I went in with no expectations and came out with good results from my body fat test. I’d have to say that I’m proud of myself. Although I got good results I still want to make an effort to keep doing what I’m doing, but also make the necessary changes to get even better results next time around. 

What do you think of the Dexa (DXA) Scan? Is it something that you would try? I definitely recommend it so that you are more aware of your body. If you’re interested, visit body spec to see what locations are closest to you. They also have scan trucks available for your convenience. Find out what your made of and book your appointment today.  

Thank you for reading this post on my latest personal growth experience. I hope it inspired you to get in touch with your body too. And since you’re here, subscribe for more lifestyle inspiration. 

*This post was sponsored and all opinions about the Dexa Scan are my own. 



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