How to Style in Prints and Patterns

How to Style in Prints and Patterns

Sweet loves, being short and petite has its advantages and disadvantages let me tell ya. But, I bet being tall has its advantages and disadvantages too (You feel what I’m saying?!? You’ll know just where I’m going with this in just a few short moments). We all have body flaws that we play down and fave parts of our body that we like to play up.

There are certain styles that I cannot and will not wear because it doesn’t complement my body type in any way, shape or form and ya girl gotta be on point at all times. Talking about styling in prints and patterns – for my body type smaller prints look best because it doesn’t overwhelm or intimidate my small frame and at the same time gives my body proportion which plays up even my body flaws. Something we may not all think about when shopping for print and pattern styles.

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Think about the prints and patterns that you’ve worn in the past that look good on you for a second. Now think of the prints and patterns that have screamed take me off the moment you look at yourself in the mirror. You want to make sure that the prints are well balanced with your body figure to the point where it doesn’t over emphasize the parts of your body that shouldn’t or you just don’t want to be.

Larger prints give more volume whereas smaller prints are supposed to give less volume. You’ll want to wear a larger print in the areas that you want to add volume to proportionally balance the other half of your body and a smaller print wherever you wish to create less. Get my drift? I hope so or feel free to ask in the comments for tips on how to style in prints and patterns for your body type. 😉 

I’m really obsessed with prints and patterns right now (not sure if you’ve realized that based off of my latest posts). If you are too, have fun with them. Quick style tip for ya – stripes and florals go great together so play up your look by pairing them with one another for your next chic outfit. Just make sure to wear the bolder print where you would like to create volume. 

Can’t wait to hear about your print and pattern shopping experience, after finding the best print that works for you and your shape.

Do you ever notice the difference in the prints and patterns you choose to style yourself in? I enjoy it when you leave a comment. And please don’t leave out subscribing and sharing. Until next time my loves… Xoxo

Photography by: Aiko Cunanan//Location: Ladurée Beverly Hills

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