How To Use Makeup Brushes for a Flawless Looking Face

How To Use Makeup Brushes for a Flawless Looking Face

Hey beauties, as promised I’m giving you more beauty inspiration….. Since I’m no expert in makeup because I am not a daily basis makeup wearer {But, can be seen wearing makeup during photo shoots + events}, I wanted to seek the advice from others in the field of makeup + bring them straight to you. Besides, I think it’s great that we learn a little something, something together.

You’ve seen the makeup tutorial collaboration with Schoniya Munford from her YouTube channel “Schoniya Slays” giving you tips on a gold winter makeup look in a previous beauty post along with the products she used to assist in completing the facial slay. Now I bring to you yet another guest post, this time from Ifeanyi Kerri, another one of my talented cousin’s who attended + graduated from E.I. School of Professional Makeup in Los Angeles, CA to share more makeup tips with you. Except this time around, no video – however, she offers step by step how to tips with these makeup brush options to assist in enhancing your beautiful canvas. I’ll be completely stepping my makeup game up after this post. 

Click the links to view the makeup brush + make a purchase if you find the brush useful to your makeup needs. 

Ifeanyi Kerri
Ifeanyi Kerri (Pronounced If-ee-yon-ee)

Have you ever tried an awesome new makeup look you’d seen on YouTube or Instagram, and it just wasn’t quite the way you’d hoped it turned out? I must confess that I too have had a couple of run-ins with the “oh heck no!” face. That’s the 2 hour makeup application you wipe right off as soon as you step into the sunlight and realize it’s a disaster. It’s amazing how much difference the right brush will make on a final look. It really is that simple.

Although we’ve seen our fare share of brush less makeup challenges these days, there’s nothing like a good set of makeup brushes and a sponge or two. I want to share with you some of my must have brushes and tools for a flawless face from start to finish. Later I’ll share with you on a future guest post how to properly clean and maintain your brushes, and a few tips in makeup hygiene 101 to ensure healthy skin.

So, before we dive in let me just give you a little insight on brush hair types and how they effect makeup application. Brushes come in two types of hair; natural hair (animal hair like goat), and synthetic hair (nylon or other synthetic fibers). Generally, natural hair brushes give you a more sheer application, depositing less product from brush to skin. Synthetic hair brushes do the opposite with a more full coverage application by depositing more product from brush to skin.

With that being said, ladies…let’s get right to it!!!


Makeup brushes


Brushes for the face:

  • Foundation Brush Morphe M439.This brush is awesome at spreading an even layer of foundation over your face. The synthetic short, dense hairs steal less product and leave you with a flawless finish. Pat, dab, smooth with circular motions from the center of your face toward the outer rim and down the neck.
  • Blending Brush Morphe E34. This is a really great face blending brush. Once powder products have been placed over foundation or bronzer, blend out with circular motions using this brush with no additional product.
  • Concealer Brush This brush is flat and synthetic, depositing cream or powder product with full coverage. It comes to a thin tip that can make precision lines with the flat side perfect for smoothing and slight blending.
  • Powder Brush Morphe E3. This is a large fluffy, tapered brush, perfect for light/sheer application of loose powder products.
  • Blush Brush Morphe E4. This is technically a contour brush but you can use it both ways. I use it for blush. Tap excess product off of brush and lightly tap and stroke the ball of your cheek up toward your ear (but not all the way to your ear). Build blush slowly, not all at once.
  • Contour Brush Morphe M523, M459. M523 is the most amazing contour brush. It’s not too skinny and the fluffy density makes it easy to blend out a natural contour. M459 is a perfect match to the contour brush. You can use it to stamp/carve out contour. Take your favorite lose translucent powder with this brush just underneath your contour to carve it out and clean it up .
  • Highlight Brush Morphe M501. This brush is the highlighting goddess that we all need in our collection. It is perfect for lightly applying your highlight powders to the tops of your cheek bones and anywhere else on the face that you desire honey! Yaaaaaaaaas!
  • Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Blending Sponge. Dampen these sponges and dab all over your face to evenly and naturally blend out foundation. You can also use with lose translucent powders to apply for a longer wearing flawless coverage.

Brushes for the Eyes:

  • Blending Brush Morphe M441. This brush its perfect for applying eyeshadow in your transition area (the space between your eyelid and your brow bone). Use dabbing and small light circular motions.
  • Crease Brush Morphe E22. This brush goes up to a nice taper, where you can deposit precise color into the crease.
  • Flat Brush Again, this brush is awesome for your shimmer or glitter shadows. Wet this brush with a little fix+. Go into the shimmer or glitter shadow and it bring that color to life, applying it with a smooth, full, vibrant finish.
  • Pencil Brush Morphe E18. This small rounded brush is perfect for applying your inner corner nightlight color or blending out your under eye colors using just the tip of it.
  • Liner Brush ABH 15 (Anastasia of Beverley Hills). This brush is perfectly shaped and firm for applying eyeliner smoothly.
  • Eyeshadow Brush Morphe M433. This is the most multifunctional eye brush. You can use it to deposit color to outer corner, blend , and under the eye.
  • Duo Brush (liner and spoolie) ABH 14 (Anastasia of Beverley Hills). Brow brush magic!!! This is the ONLY brush that gives you that flawless brow, guaranteed. Brush side to apply hair like strokes to your brow and spoolie to perfectly blend.

The more brushes you have, the more uses you will find for them. You can never have enough, but even if all you have are these brushes listed here, you will still be able to achieve a phenomenal face of makeup. If you’re brushing on a budget you can find dupes for the brushes above in brands like E.L.F. or EcoTools.

So there you have it divas. Those are all the go to brushes that are sure to give you that flawless face with no disastrous sunlight surprises. I promise you, you will not regret these additions to your collection. Slay all day Boo… nobody does it better! Xoxo

By: Ifeanyi Kerri, Makeup Artist Professional 

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  • Helena Marz

    I’ve heard of this brand and they are awesome brushes! I will need to look into it when I attend to the next make up show coming up this year to get those brushes! I definitely want to give them a try! Thanks for sharing❤️ Xoxo

    • Pentené

      Oh yay! Glad this post was helpful. This is my first hearing of this brand so I can’t wait to try them either. Thankso! Xoxo

  • Nicole

    All these brushes confuse me, I’m such a simple gal when it comes to makeup application, lol!! Great post, thanks for the info!

  • @katesnumberones

    I love this. I like how you laid out each brush and what it did. I still am so terrible with my eyeshadow. I want to try that brush! 🙂 THANK YOU!

  • Kristen

    This is so helpful. I normally do not wear make up on a daily basis but wear it for photo shoots. I am always looking for new tips. I didn’t even realize all of the uses for different make up brushes. Thank you!

    • Pentené

      Tell me about it! Lol. Me neither. Happy that these tips are not only helpful to me, but to you as well. Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo

  • Debbie Savage

    What a great resource for make up brushes! This is pretty sweet! Thank you so much for the great write up! I do own a few brushes myself but the collection you showed here is something I would definitely enjoy!
    xo Debbie |

    • Pentené

      Thanks Debbie! Glad you found this post resourceful. We all learned a great deal about makeup brushes from this post. I know I did. 😉 Xoxo

  • Belu

    This is really helpful. I have a lot of good brushes but it is so hard and confusing of what to use for what! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas! Will definitely try them.

    • Pentené

      Oh this is awesome! So glad to know that this post helps. It really helps to know what info is needed in the future. Xoxo

  • Alondrea Love

    I absolutely LOVE this post! As I’ve mentioned, I’m venturing into learning more about doing my own makeup, and I’ve actually have got a post in the works on navigating makeup brushes, lol–it’s so confusing! But I love how you broke down the purpose of each brush. Thanks so much for this post! 😉

  • Kristina

    Wow, so many brushes! Who new?! Thanks for all the information. It’s great to see what’s out there and what each brush can do. Always love new tips and tricks!

    • Pentené

      I felt the same when the list was put together, like wow. Lol. I’m happy to know that its helpful to many others too. Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo

  • Nahid Akhter

    Thank you very much for giving us a nice article that spends your valuable time. I think it’s an effective beauty tip for us.

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