JOIFUL: On-Demand Beauty + Wellness App

JOIFUL: On-Demand Beauty + Wellness App
Joiful Beauty and Wellness Service Demonstration Set Up
Joiful Beauty and Wellness Service Demonstration Set Up
Joiful Launch Party
JOIFUL App Launch Event

Allow me to introduce you to the newly launched on-demand beauty + wellness app, JOIFUL. I know for a fact that if you’re a girly girl like me, you’ll love it. We all work hard + are busy with day to day life – so wouldn’t it be nice to receive a spa + salon experience in the comfort of your own home?

Let me repeat that just in case I didn’t make it clear. The treatment is brought to YOU – wherever you want that to be. No more worrying about making it to your appointment at the spa or salon that isn’t sometimes convenient for your busy as heck schedule. That’s just what JOIFUL’s app offers busy customers or lovers of convenience like you + I.

Which by the way, I’ll be scheduling my service really soon since I attended the JOIFUL app launch party last week at the Playa Studios in Culver City, CA with an amazing group of female influencer’s, Blogger Babes + received a gift bag that included a JOIFUL gift card of the first 5 services on them. Oh em gee beauties!

Okay, so a little about the launch party which was SUPER lit, SUPER fun + SUPER grand. Yes it was that super, lol. They had complimentary valet service – which left an orange rose on the dashboard of your vehicle upon your return, floral ceiling to floor entrances to each room decorated by the Flower Chef, coat check in, an orange instead of a red carpet, fake spray paint tattoos of the JOIFUL brand, an open bar, tasty hors d’oeuvres, body paint models, DJ, runway fashion show, demonstration sets for each beauty + wellness treatment they service, etc etc etc. I didn’t want the night to end. It was that amazing. JOIFUL gave a haute presentation as to what you can expect from their service with an emphasis on hospitality + detail. Excited to install their app yet??? 

Joiful App Launch Party
On the Orange Carpet
Joiful Launch Party
Floral Entrance by the Flower Chef
Joiful Launch Party
Body Paint Models

JOIFUL app is so easy to use. Simply install the app on your iPhone (App Store) or Android (Google Play) then add the address of the location you would like to be pampered at (home, office or hotel). Tap any treatment you’d like from hair to nails or face to body. Add your credit or debit card information – and if you prefer for them to, you can choose the tip percentage to be automatically charged when you input your credit card information. Following your scheduled appointment to your location of choice, it’s finally the moment you’ve been waiting for. Self indulge in a well deserved pamper sesh. Doesn’t that sound so sensational!?!

Here’s a how to video on the app taken from their Instagram.

With so many apps nowadays there’s not an app quite like this. I’m thrilled to book my first treatment + may just blog about my experience so that I entice you, yes you, to book one of your own. How does that sound? You deserve some pampering girlfriend + I want to make sure you handle that stat. 😉

The launch started here in Los Angeles + is expected to launch in a city near you this year so be on the lookout. Or if you’re visiting the City of Angels anytime soon then install this app + enjoy the service in your hotel room.  

I hope you enjoyed learning about JOIFUL + their new beauty + wellness service app. Tell me if you have ever heard of a service like this before + if not, would you be interested in this type of service?

As always, thank you for visiting with me. Please comment, share + subscribe. Xoxo



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