Let Style Expose You

Let Style Expose You


Let Style Expose You

Lady loves, my heart and mind have been so full with focus on evolving and progressing since going through my divorce. So much so – I have subconsciously changed up my style a bit. All in the name of positively transforming into the woman that’s been waiting on me to excel by letting go of the things that have unbeknownst to me held me back from living life more abundantly. It’s a great thing when embracing positive change can be exposed through your style.

My style as of late has been more confident, free, bold and vibrant. This off the shoulder floral print dress that I got from Eden Sky, a clothing store in California, does just that to expose my style upgrade. It elegantly flows with a plunge neckline that isn’t tasteless. And don’t get me started on how effortless the colors bring this dress to life. These pink Steve Madden Multistrap heels are my new fave and fit this dress so perfectly.

(at the end of this post I’ve attached similar dress styles and accessories for you to shop the style)

Let Style Expose You

Let Style Expose You

Let Style Expose You

Let Style Expose You

I love how much influence change can have on your life that it impacts your personal style. Style can expose who you are and how you feel in an instant. Simply put, style is a lifestyle – the way of life. The internal effect has its way of creating an exterior that can transcend you from where you once were to where you want to go – how you want to be seen. Style has a method. 

Let Style Expose You

Let Style Expose You

How do you let style expose you? Do you allow change to positively transform your style?

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Photography: Aiko Cunanan //Location: Beverly Hills, CA



Pentené Milner is a mother, influencer, stylist and all around lifer. She started Style Me Fancy by Pentené (a style, fashion and lifestyle blog) initially to brand herself as a stylist, but quickly turned it into a place to inspire women to find a sense of empowerment in their personal style. She’s a native of San Diego, California, but made Los Angeles her home in 2002. She enjoys being mom to her tween son, city life, fun with family (and friends that are like family), seeing the world, dressing up, dining, wineries and self caring at a spa. To her, as a former singer, music brings everything to light and many times writes while listening to it.


  • Aiko Cunanan

    Love your vibrant, confident and inspiring style babe! You always wear the cutest pieces! I love how your clothing represents who you are and it definitely lifts others spirit <3



  • Jenn

    Oh.my.god. This dress is absolutely gorgeous! Love that you’re so true to your personal style. It suits you well. 🙂


  • Helena Marz

    When I saw this dress on you! It totally grabbed my attention and I just love everything about this dress! It’s so glamorous and sexy at the same time…love the colours and pattern! Keep going babe❤️ Xo

  • Julie

    Great article Pentene! Cool how you are transforming your style! Your dress and shoes are gorgeous! Love it all!

  • Nicole

    Holy sexy babe—can I just say that you look drop dead gorgeous!!! I need this dress too!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Marieta (ootd_in_style)

    Hi Pentene,

    I so love this article and your outfit here. Those heels have got my heart.

    Could not agree more with the following: “The internal effect has its way of creating an exterior that can transcend you from where you once were to where you want to go – how you want to be seen. Style has a method.” Once you put on something that is your style, the confidence show and you feel and look like nothing and noone can stop you from being where you want to be in life!

    Happy new week, babe!


    • Pentené

      You hit the nail right on the head babe! Yes! Couldn’t agree more with your statement. Thank you so much for stopping by and adding more depth to this post. Greatly appreciated. Happy week!!! Xoxo

  • Roxanne

    I agree wholeheartedly! Our life experiences certainly change our style choices! What a beautiful dress on you!

    • Pentené

      Right?!? So true! I love that we can express ourselves through clothing. Thanks for the lovely compliments babe and for visiting with me. Xoxo

  • Yasmin

    Such a beautiful cut and silhouette. Love the print and the off the shoulder design. Those colorful heels are so cute too. Divorce is a major life change so it’s a great time for transitioning into new ideas and of course, styles. Love that you’re going bolder and more adventurous!

    xx Yasmin

    • Pentené

      Thank you so much love! You can only imagine how much I loved putting this look together. Appreciate your wise and kind words. Appreciate you for stopping by. Xoxo

  • Nikki Living Life

    Absolutely, I believe change good or bad is what powers life. By embracing change slowly and mindfully can be beneficial in a thousand indescribable ways. One small change like dressing styles can be a powerful tool. I have noticed your sexy, vibrant and confident style change and I love it. You could make a paper bag look good babe. But this dress is a whole lot nicer, lol. Wishing you much happiness and love.


    • Pentené

      Awwww you are too sweet babe! Thanks so much for your lovely and knowledgeable comment. Hope you have an amazing week.


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