Making a Skirt Work for Winter


Come on girlfriend – granted it’s cold out here in these streets, but we need to pull those skirts out from the back of the closet and put together some ways to make that skirt (you’ve been dying to wear) work for winter. I know your plan may have been to never see a skirt again until spring after rearranging your closet so that all of your winter wardrobe essentials were easily accessible. I’ve definitely been there before until I discovered ways to wear a skirt in the winter because that’s how much I love wearing skirts (and dresses). Quite frankly, I’m not trying to wait forty something odd more days til winter is over and if you’re anything like me you’re not either. So let’s discuss exactly how we’re going to make a skirt work for winter – shall we.

I know you’re probably thinking, (for those of you that aren’t in California) what do you know about a cold winter living in Los Angeles where the average daily temperatures in the winter are high 70’s in the day (maybe 80’s on a great day) and low 40’s when the sunsets, so how cold can it really be. Well that depends on who you ask, lol, but I believe that the basic essentials I’ll be speaking on in a bit are universal and can apply to you wherever you are in the world – even if you’re forced to layer a little more to keep warm. Now lets move on to the goods that helped me style this skirt for winter.

A  Sweater 

Why do we kid around when it comes to sweaters (right?!)? Sweaters are synonomous for winter because of the warmth it provides us so there’s really no reason that we shouldn’t benefit off of them when it comes to outfit pairing. That’s just what this skirt called for me to do when it came to protecting my upper body from the cold. I tucked it in to give it a more dressier style vibe. Another cute way you can wear a sweater with a skirt is by including a scarf or a collar top underneath for a warmer feel or preppy chic look.

OTK or Knee High Boots 

So this may just be a given. OTK (stands for “over the knee” for my beginner fashionistas) and knee high boots are the best candidates for shielding those legs from the cold when wearing a skirt. These knee high boots were life savers because I can’t stand for my legs to be cold. For extra layering and warmth, wear some tights to do the trick.

A Hat

Okay, so maybe you don’t think a hat will EXACTLY help keep your legs warm when wearing a skirt, but you can’t tell me that a hat isn’t great for accessorizing your winter look. But hold up, I read somewhere that leaving your head uncovered can actually cause you to loose body heat so maybe wearing a hat with a skirt isn’t such a bad idea (learned a thing or two today right, lol?!). I love wearing hats anyway so it’s a win-win for me and a body heat problem solver for you (those of you that aren’t particularly a fan of hats).

What did you think of my essentials to make a skirt work for winter? Are you wearing skirts in the winter? Really glad that you visited this post today and hope that you were inspired. I look forward to sharing the next post with you. Subscribe to my blog for more inspo.  

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Stay fancy


Pentené Milner is a personal wardrobe stylist, fashion + lifestyle blogger and author of "Style Me Fancy by Pentené" living in Los Angeles. She defines a fancy style as decorative and unapologetic. The style blog was created as a space to talk about the importance of style and finding your personal style. Pentené wanted to show the fundamentals of style by exposing each of her fun, idealistic and creative wardrobe looks. It's a space that women can come and be inspired by ways to personify their own style - and what it takes to be able to articulate it.


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