Statement Shoe Style

Statement Shoe Style

Statement making is a must lovers in all facets of life. Its one of the reasons statement making through statement pieces are important to fashion. If you can’t say it, at least you can show it.

Statement pieces are the cornerstone of an outfit. They are usually the most attractive and eye catching part of your look. I love wearing statement pieces to help maximize my look. Heck, sometimes I choose multiple statement pieces from my accessories (like earrings, necklace, ring, purse) on down to the wardrobe items (shoes, pants, skirt) if I want to form a creative and/or dramatic look of the day. It’s a sure way NOT to have a boring outfit AND can get you out of your style comfort zone. 

But, there’s one particular wardrobe item that we don’t dub as a “statement piece” as much as we do accessories – and that’s shoes. Shoes really has a way of changing the look of an outfit. They make a statement in their own right. 

Think about it for a second. Shoes really does have a way of making an outfit what it is. It can help you style up your look. When you look at what someone is wearing you look from head to toe – shoes become the outfit completer.

I remember always hearing growing up that you can tell how clean a person is by how clean their shoes and feet are. I feel the same about style. To me, you can tell how much a person loves to style by the statement their shoes are making. 

Shoe: IPPO Shop

Handbag: Pink Lavender

Shorts: H&M

Sometimes I style my look around the shoes I want to wear. Especially if they are shoes that I don’t get to wear that often because they aren’t the kind of shoes that goes with just anything. I’ll improvise by throwing pieces together and end up happy with the result because it gives me an opportunity to be creative. 

Let me just say this, sometimes you should allow your shoes to guide you in your style direction. Have fun with your style and don’t be afraid to make a statement through your wardrobe and accessories. 

Do you have fave and go to statement pieces you like to wear? Are you afraid to wear statement pieces because they attract more attention then you would prefer?

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Location: Beverly Hills, CA // Photography: Aiko Cunanan 


Pentené Milner is a personal wardrobe stylist, fashion + lifestyle blogger and author of "Style Me Fancy by Pentené" living in Los Angeles. She defines a fancy style as decorative and unapologetic. The style blog was created as a space to talk about the importance of style and finding your personal style. Pentené wanted to show the fundamentals of style by exposing each of her fun, idealistic and creative wardrobe looks. It's a space that women can come and be inspired by ways to personify their own style - and what it takes to be able to articulate it.


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