How Style is an Expression of Art

How Style is an Expression of Art

I’ve always been into the arts and very creative. As you may or may not know, my first love is music. My musical talent is my voice which I developed from my dad. I used to perform a lot more as a kid and into my young adulthood as part of singing groups with friends, peers and in choir (these days you’ll only catch me singing to my favorite tunes in my car or home). But so much like music, style (and fashion) is an expression of art too. There are many ways I enjoy using style to demonstrate my feelings and have been using it as an outlet and therapeutic means (including through my blog) for years now. How is style an expression of art?

Like any artist that creates his/her works to convey a feeling. Through style you also produce looks for emotional power and for the delight of beauty. There’s a harmonious feeling between you and your appearance as part of your guide of self expression. When putting my fashionable looks together I consider these three things: how does it make me feel, is it the correct representation of who I am and what is it saying about me. For some, it’s not that deep, but if you’re like me, style gives you a shot at creating a visual expression of how you feel on the inside. And I believe it’s an important factor because the way you look determines how people will approach you before getting to know you internally. 


“But First Tupac” Tee by One Messy Bun

Pants (high waist) by Heavenly Couture

Shoes by Dollhouse

Earrings and Necklace by Kollectin 

Bamboo tote bag by Lovevook

So it may be obvious that when creating this look I thought about how it would appeal to who I am, how I feel, my personal taste and style (and yes, part of that includes me being a Tupac fan, lol). I wanted to paint my own picture and expression through this look. And so, I put much thought into it just like an artist who loves to create and tell a story.  

I am not a regular and plain tee wearing kind of girl (but I just couldn’t pass up wearing something about Pac on it), so I had to dress it up to my taste and feminine style. I wanted to express just how feminine I am with the gold statement choker piece to hit right at the crew neckline to look more visually appealing. The next thing was how do I give the look some color because I love color and living colorfully – so I paired the tee with the rust tone high waist and wide leg pant. I finished it off with the silver peep toe wedges and a bamboo tote as my accessories to give the look some flow. 

Each piece embodies who I am effortlessly. What type of feeling do you believe my look evokes? Do you think of your style as an expression of art? I’d love to hear from you. 

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Pentené Milner is a personal wardrobe stylist, fashion + lifestyle blogger and author of "Style Me Fancy by Pentené" living in Los Angeles. She defines a fancy style as decorative and unapologetic. The style blog was created as a space to talk about the importance of style and finding your personal style. Pentené wanted to show the fundamentals of style by exposing each of her fun, idealistic and creative wardrobe looks. It's a space that women can come and be inspired by ways to personify their own style - and what it takes to be able to articulate it.


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