StyleCon OC 2017: The Beauty of Empowerment

StyleCon OC 2017: The Beauty of Empowerment

Really had such a fun time at StyleCon in Orange County (The OC) at the Hangar OC Fair + Event Center last weekend on Nov. 4th. What’s StyleCon you ask? StyleCon is a day-long festival that brings together a community of fashion and beauty lovers every year. I got the chance to connect with so many other influencers, brands and fashionistas all under one roof. I had heard about StyleCon in the past and was so excited to finally attend for the first time and speak to you about my experience. Let’s get into it. 

The women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship driven event was sponsored by H2rOse , a specialty beverage uniquely made of rose water, saffron and other natural ingredients – which might I add, is one of the best tasting beverage infused drinks I’ve ever tasted. The peach flavor is my favorite. 


Dress by Rosegal

Boots by IPPO (similar here)

Straw Hat by Forever 21 (similar here)

Layered Choker Necklace by GS Love (similar here)


StyleCon was jam packed with so many goodies that included panels on the style stage, a style snack lounge, shopping, giveaways and complimentary pamper services (nails, hair, makeup). The BE-You-TIFUL signature style totes were filled with beauty and lifestyle products for each of its attendees that were gradually filled up to the brim of even more freebies during the festival that included snacks and beverages galore (with also even more beauty products available during the festival). Many of us toted two bags because it was just too much stuff for one. At one point myself and other bloggers took a break from the event to make a trip to our cars to unload because the style totes got too heavy to carry around. 

Of course the photo ops at the festival were endless. Wherever you turned there was an opportunity to take photos and if you’re doing it for the gram, you don’t mind (lol). Many of the brand stations had a photo booth set up to help you capture those unforgettable moments at StyleCon. I enjoyed every moment captured with some blogger babes throughout the event. And we enjoyed taking tons of photos together and apart. 

Blogger babes: Marshel of Between You N Me Blog, Julie of Stylish Paradox, Trish of Trish Lindo Style + Me.

Blogger babes: Caitlin of Beauty and Colour, Alejandra Harnish of Ale Harnish + Me.

Blogger babes: Karissa of Kris + Joy, Julie of Stylish Paradox (left) and Marshel of Between You N Me Blog (far right) pictured previously. 

Blogger babe: Trish of Trish Lindo Style pictured previously.

There were a lot of beauty product brands present at the event. Although one thing I would have loved to see more of is fashion because there were very minimal fashion brands present. But overall, I enjoyed the event and look forward to attending the festival next year to experience everything all over again. 

Will you attend StyleCon next year? What stands out to you about the day-long festival? 

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