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The Write Fit: Live It. Love It. Wear It.

The Write Fit: Live It. Love It. Wear It.

The Write Fit

The Write Fit

Welcome, welcome, welcome in to the girl boss territory. Kind of kidding (just a little) – but seriously. I’m trying something a little different with my interviews this time around. First, I changed the category option to “Girl Boss” particularly for my interviews with boss ladies. And that’s not the only thing I’ve done different. I’ve also added the option for all my gorgeous readers (yea, of course I’m speaking to you) to choose between reading or listening to the interview. You matter that much. (papow!) 

Much can be learned through this particular post as I introduce you to a brand + the WOMAN behind the brand that believes in being true to yourself + using your clothing to do it. Of course if you have been following me for quite some time then you would understand why I am fond of a brand that gifts you the opportunity to be your true self through clothing. The Write Fit is a brand that believes that you should live it, love it + wear it. Each tee has a phrase relatable to the everyday person, lifestyle + what they value. There’s something for every race, creed + sex. The whole family can rock a statement tee together. 😉 <insert #familygoals here>

My interview with The Write Fit’s founder + owner Joshlyn Turner tells you all you need to know about the tee collection + being a true girl boss. Hope you enjoy learning more about Joshlyn, The Write Fit + true girl boss inspo. Just if you decide to listen in don’t judge your girl, I’m a writer learning to embrace being an interviewer. Ha!  Xoxo



Joshlyn Turner
Joshlyn Turner

SMF: The Write Fit Is…

Joshlyn (Owner and Founder of The Write Fit): The Write Fit is life, it’s love, it’s fashion, it’s everything wrapped into creative expression for people who are unapologetic of their life + how they feel. 

  SMF: What’s the story behind the creation of the Write Fit?
Joshlyn: I’ve always loved writing + catchy creative phrases. Initially back in 2009 – 2010 I just came up with a concept. I wanted to come up with a creative brand + The Write Fit happened to fall right under that brand. Initially I was going to launch my greeting cards first, which is actually one of the upcoming things for The Write Fit. Instead of going into the greeting cards I decided to start with tee shirts because at that time there were a lot of cheesy tee shirts at the mall + I thought so why not take those expressions + phrases I’ve been coming up with + put them on a shirt. A lot of people always ask me if I just come up with phrases to put on a shirt, but it’s really a strategic plan for me each collection. I really take my time because I come up with stuff all the time + sometimes it’s dumb, sometimes it’s pretty dope,  sometimes I have to sleep on it. I have to back up, try again because it all has to make sense + tie in. Now going into the fourth year of business I’ve learned a lot when it comes to what I put out there. 


SMF: Who would you say the Write Fit was created for?

 Joshlyn: Honestly I think it was created for everyone because there’s something for everyone. Everything isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, for example, the “Black Girls Got The Juice” isn’t for everyone. There may even be a shirt, let’s say “I don’t want your money I want your heart”, that’s not for everyone. There’s a tee that says “Men run the world women run their mouth, which is a big controversial piece, but I feel like everybody can come there + find something that either they relate to or they want to express + could do it now in a fashionable way. 


SMF: Why did you feel there was a need for a t-shirt line?

 Joshlyn:  I just felt like there was a need for something different. I feel like there are a lot of pop up companies or even existing companies that are driven by what’s trending. Let’s just say the presidential race, there are a lot of companies that would come up with something just for that moment. I wanted to create an apparel that five years from now it’s still relatable, ten years from now people can still be wearing the shirts + the sayings. So that’s what I felt like there was a need for + I felt like it could become a conversation starter. Like I hear customers all the time saying that they get stopped, debates happen + I think that that’s an open + healthy way of communicating + meeting people. It’s a great piece that The Write Fit can create + bring others together.


{Side note, I received a positive response while wearing my “Year of the Hustle” shirt from a passer-by during my shoot.}


SMF: This is the Write Fit’s “10th Collection”! First, how do you feel about that. Secondly, With so many other tee collections out there, what sets your brand apart from all the others?
 Joshlyn: I had to count the other day that it was ten because a lot of times when your just moving forward you don’t really keep track of your success. I’m super grateful that I’m even still in business + profiting at this point because just this last year was a definite boost. Every year it just gets better + better. I think for me I put a lot into the brand + again, I get text messages + dm’s from people telling me what I should put on a shirt + it’s not that simple, I mean it could be, but it would take away from the brand. For me there’s times when I put myself on creative deadlines + sometimes I don’t meet them because I don’t feel like it’s good enough or sometimes I run into production errors. When that happens I can’t put it out there if it’s not right. Down to the visuals, down to my photo shoots, I’m hands on + all in. Everything matters, every touch matters. Even looking back from when I launched in 2013 to now my visuals have made a difference. These days you kind of can’t compare yourself to other people because I’ve seen tee shirt companies that are much larger than mine, but I’ve seen their website, product + visuals. It may not be of quality, but it works for them. For me that’s not good enough, so if it takes me a while to get there because it’s quality over quantity then I’m okay with that. 


SMF: Where does the inspiration come from when deciding what phrases to put on the tees?

  Joshlyn: It kind of depends. I’m currently trying to finalize, for example, the production with the Black History collection. Last year when I came up with “Black Girls Got The Juice” I had no idea, I mean I had somewhat of an idea, but I had no idea the impact + growth it would have. It turned into like it’s own brand itself + now I’m doing a lot of future expansions on that particular collection. For me, the inspiration is just life, things around me, my friends, people, things I see, things I hear. I take a lot of time + think on it. I have a very close set of friends that I run my ideas by + they’ll tell me if its good, if its not, is it dope, how it sounds, would you wear it. I had to also start to take myself out of the equation because there’s a lot of things that I would wear or wouldn’t wear, but that doesn’t always match my customer.
I started to think about who the demographic is + analyzing that, but also knowing what I want to put out there – so for me coming up with things that are going to be relevant 5 years from now or 10 years from now. That’s kind of how I come up with it. I try to come up with at least a few collections in the year. Consistency is just key. I just think about it, then I build on it. I may come up with one idea or I may have a theme for that collection, then I’ll just build off of it that way.


SMF: Every entrepreneur faces challenges. Are there any you care to share? How did you overcome those challenges?

Joshlyn: I feel like there’s always challenges + I’m always learning something. There are creative challenges that endure. Sometimes I get stuck, sometimes I get writers block, sometimes it isn’t flowing or popping to me – also in production. Eventually, a long term + bigger goal is that I’ll have an entire corporation where I have my own production department, I’ll have creative writers, I’ll kind of start building a team which I’ve been trying to slowly do, but I run into production errors + I have to sometimes think fast. There’s times when for instance with the latest collection, the New Year’s collection, I ran into some production errors up until the day + even on the day of the shoot, but it came together so I think it’s just patience, learning + being okay with making mistakes. Also being very thorough + consistent is super key. Find people you can work with that’s consistent, who gets it, knows you, supports you, knows your vision + can work with you. 


SMF: What does being a girl boss feel and look like for you?

Joshlyn: It looks like freedom. It looks like faith. It looks like confidence. It looks like hard work. Those are really the key ingredients. It really isn’t even monetary like most people think. It’s knowing who you are, knowing what you want. Putting in the time, the energy, the effort to get to where you want to be + being okay with that, being okay with those steps + also your faith. That’s what makes a girl boss. Not what you got, not how you look, not how much money your making. Those are just the added pieces, the extras. That’s not even covering the surface or the foundation of what it really means to be a girl boss. 

 SMF: What do you want people to know about Joshlyn Turner?
 Joshlyn: I just want people to know that for me I know that God placed me on this earth for a big platform + a big purpose. When you see me, when you see The Write Fit know that its authentic, know that its relatable, know that its life, know that when you see me anything is possible + that God works. I’m still learning, I’m still growing. I’m finding that a lot of people look up to me. People that I don’t even know (at times you don’t even think your inspiring people + you have no idea + that just resonates big with me). How I carry myself + how I treat others is how I treat myself. I really want people to know that I’m here + I’m on this journey to wherever God see fit. 


{Side note, Joshlyn is from San Diego, CA (Southeast). She graduated from Hampton University with a degree in Theater Production (Theater Production has always been her first passion – so writing, creativity, the stage + fashion). She also has a passion for social services + was fortunate enough to get experience in child + welfare services working with group homes + foster kids. For the last four years in Southeast where Joshlyn grew up, she has managed federally funded programs for at risk youth. She’s really doing her part to uplift her community + support the youth}  


SMF: Anything we can expect happening in the future for you and The Write Fit?

 Joshlyn: Yea. Just new collections coming + expansions with other collections. I’m gonna try some new things this year. I’m excited. 

You can find the featured unisex sweatshirt “Year of the Hustle” on the online shop. Don’t forget to follow on social media too. 
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The Write Fit


The Write Fit


The Write Fit


I actually got creative styling in The Write Fit statement shirt by layering with a black + white long sleeve button up blouse from GS Love because it was a little big on me, but I wasn’t gonna let that stop it from becoming my ootd. For a girly athleisure look, I added the metallic silver leggings with the zipper detail at the bottom (purchased from Zara during the holiday sale) + lace up heels also from GS Love. Included the silver jewelry for extra flair. 
Did you enjoy the interview with girl boss Joshlyn of The Write Fit? If you created a tee what would be the phrase or statement? Thanks for stopping by + as always, please comment, share + subscribe. Xoxo




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